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EDGE AI Summit, a three-day virtual conference running Nov. 18 – 20, promises to present innovative, real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the Edge, including timely topics such as the development of new edge AI solutions for a post-pandemic society.

The agenda for this third annual Edge AI Summit, presented by Kisaco Research, will feature top-tier global speakers and structured virtual networking.

Each day will present a different focus, all designed to illustrate the newest data available. Day one, Nov. 18, focuses on Sensor Edge, with speakers discussing the development of hardware and software solutions for energy-constrained ‘sensor edge’ conditions at the micro to milli-watt level, spanning earbuds, smart sensors, wearables and tiny IoT devices.

Day Two, Nov. 19, brings talks on Device Edge, for moderately energy-constrained ‘device edge’ conditions at the hundreds of milliwatts to single digit watts level, such as mobile phones, cameras, drones and autonomous vehicles.

On the third day, Nov. 20, Network and Server Edge will highlight solutions for non-energy constrained conditions at the 10s of watts level, such as on-premises servers, 5G network outposts and cloud servers.

“This year’s summit promises to be a virtual global gathering of the best minds working on the engineering challenges across the edge computing landscape,” said Ed Nelson, Portfolio Director at Kisaco Research. “We will be hearing real-world use cases from companies such as Uber AI, Google, Bosch, Magic Leap, Rakuten and many more. And, as always, we will have tremendous networking opportunities making this summit a don’t-miss event.”

Nelson pointed out that a 2020 report by Frost & Sullivan stated that 90 percent of industrial enterprises will be utilizing edge computing by 2022, making this year’s summit exceptionally timely and valuable. Thirty-three distinguished speakers are lined up, representing technology corporations, academic institutions and investment groups.

Notable presenters speaking at the event include:

Chandra Khatri, chief scientist and head of AI at Got It AI

Ashwin Swaminathan, senior director, perception, at Magic Leap

Sastry Malladi, CTO at FogHorn Systems

Ajay Nair, product lead, Edge ML, at Google

Registration is open here.

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